🚀 Star Ship Royal

⭐️ Let's get acquainted with the Starship Royal Metavers
🚀 Star Ship Royal is a browser online game in the setting of a space odyssey. The game will feature both a story line (PVE) and a PVP arena. The economic component of the game is based on Blockchain. In the game itself, the unique entities (bases, items, ships and etc.) are tied to the NFT.
Starship Royal First Teaser
▪️ The year is 2184, humanity has just discovered intergalactic travel as scientists on the moon have stumbled upon a mysterious artifact. During experiments at the lunar base over jumping into distant sectors, the Artifact interacts with portals and opens the way for a mysterious alien race that immediately attacks the Earth. The land is captured, the cities are ablaze.
▪️ You are a member of the crew on Nautilus battleship, the Federation's flagship. Your commander, during the fierce battle to defend the Earth, sacrifices the ship by blowing up the engine core. You have abandoned ship beforehand but your escape pod is being pulled into a wormhole.
▪️ You find yourself at the edge of the universe at an abandoned space alliance outpost, which surprisingly had several old starships in a hangar. Your task is to return to the Earth. While doing so you need to collect as much information about the hostile race as possible, find allies, and make a fleet to protect your home.
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