What is Starship Royal?

The main feature of the game is a big variety of game mechanics. You can find your own way to play the game as you like.
▪️ For fans of the space theme – unique game lore and campaign story
▪️ For investors – good assets in trendy themes.
▪️ For collectors – each game model is a unique NFT card that can be used as in the game as be added to the collection.

What about PreSale?

We are launching the presale on the PinkSale platform on November 12 at 02:00 PM UTC
▪️ Here is some details:
• Hard Cap - 350 BNB
• Soft Cap - 175 BNB
• Min Buy - 0.1
• Max Buy - 1.75
• Luqiduity - 70%
• Presale rate - 1 BNB = 3500 SSR
• Listing rate - 1 BNB - 3000 SSR
• Initial Market Cap (estimate) - $459,764
• Liquidity Lockup Time - 366 days after pool ends.

How can I join the PreSale?

Access to the presale will be made by applying to the whitelist.

Will there be marketing before listing on PCS?

Yes, the token listing will take place 3-4 hours after the hard cap is reached. Once that happens, we will start to buy more advertising in order to make the launch of the project truly grandiose. Some parts of marketing already planned and payed.

When i can play the game?

A demo version of the game is currently in development and will be available at November 15. Public Beta version will be available at January 2022 Main launch will happen at Q2 2022

When will the NFT Marketplace be launched?

The marketplace will be launched at January 2022 at the same time with the Public Beta.

Do you have a Private Sale?

Yes, we collected 50 bnb at the Private Sale that is already closed. We are using these funds for marketing and development.


We have passed the official KYC procedure on the PinkSale via Veriff platform.
False statement may result in legal action being taken against our team. We also understand that, if we are exitscam in any way, our documents will be published on the internet by Pinksale.

Any Audit?

We are officially passed TechRate security Audit.

How do i earn in your game?

Check this page 👉 https://starship-royal.gitbook.io/starship/universe-of-starship
Do you have gameplay demonstrations? We have Alpha game footage. Hope you'll like it!

Where are your from?

Team contains developers from different country's, but our office is based in Berlin.

How many members in your crew?

12, this includes CEO, Co-founder, CMs, Art-designers, Programmers, Game-designers etc

How do you want to support your project?

We are planning to launch several sales with unique and limited NFT cards. Funds raised by this will be used for development and marketing. Further business model will be announced.

If you still have questions, ask them in our community chat