How to play

Game mechanics


To participate in any fight, you need to have enough deuterium. The player does not need deuterium to complete the main story mode.


The player can challenge another player at any time by betting $SSR credits or NFT cards. The player cannot fight with an opponent that exceeds his game level greatly.
Battles are done in several stages: At the first stage, the player forms his fleet: they choose a ship or several ships to participate in the battle. There are three slots available for placing ships, in which you can put ships of any class (support / attack, etc.).
At the second stage, the player thinks over a strategy and selects suitable equipment or effects for their ships, which can give various improvements and increase the chances of winning. Examples in the Special modules section
After picking ships and equipment, the battle begins. The player can watch the progress of the battle, or skip it and go to the results of the battle at once.


If the player is not interested in battles and bloodshed, they can do exploration. In this game mode, the player does not participate in battles, but is engaged in the development of their colonies, bases, and resource gathering. For the development of new areas, the player can form expeditions, which have to include support ships, as well as colonial ships for the deployment of mobile base.

Colonization goes in three stages:

1) Scouting - the player sends a research drone/satellite to detect points of interest (planets/asteroid fields/debris).
2) Expedition - Depending on the size of the planet/asteroid field/debris, the player needs to have the appropriate types of ships. The ships must have enough deuterium to reach the endpoint of the route and also to get back, if necessary.
3) Deployment - depending on the purpose of an assignment, a mobile headquarters is deployed. In the debris and asteroid field, it is a refinery station, on planets it is a colony. Depending on the amount of resources, the player builds the infrastructure until they are depleted. For debris and asteroid fields, all collected resources must be delivered either to their own local base or a Base Station. Colonies can store some of the resources depending on its size.


There will be several special rewards that encourage the player for his activity in the game:
• Gatherer - you have collected more than 10 NFT cards.
• Collector - you have collected more than 50 NFT cards.
• Ace - you have fought more than 5 battles without defeat.
• The Guards pennon is a sign that designates its owner as a first-class fighter.
• The Golden Star of a Hero is an honorary award showing merit to humanity.
• Blackheart - is a sign that its owner has no sense of morality. It’s unlocked after destroying transport ships.