Let’s begin with one thing – our game is different from the other blockchain games and projects prior to 2021 thanks to the economy. One of the leading trends now is the NFT and it will stay like that for long. That’s the reason why our token doesn’t have any internal mint mechanism of additional emission.
The players fight by using the ingame resource “Deuterium” which isn’t a real currency and represented only in the game. You can’t buy any ships or NFT with it but one could exchange it for $SSR token which is a currency and represented as a dollar equivalent.

So, how does that happen?

StarShip itself buys out a part of the emission tokens from the market several times in a year. This token pool is used as a liquidity for exchanging Deuterium to $SSR and so on.
Newcomers purchase $SSR because they need ships, equipment, etc., veteran players that already have the passive income of Deuterium in the game can exchange them for SSR tokens to sell them for profit or upgrade their ships/bases/etc.
Due to regulating the exchange rate of Deuterium/$SSR in the dollar equivalent we need a system that is going to correct the exchange rate and mint of new NFT dynamically as well as to ensure that a gas fee isn’t greater than a player’s income.

The Purpose

The price oracle's goal is to balance the Deuterium fee from battles. That means if the dollar value of $SSR is going up the Deuterium income is going to decrease. Meanwhile, the mint cost of new NFT, their value and upgrade costs go down because they can be obtained only by $SSR. Dollar value goes down – mint, upgrade and etc. rise up.
Besides, Oracle guarantees that a player’s income will always be more than gas fee unless he loses battles constantly. Oracle will correct the Deuterium fee for the battles dynamically up or down depending on the dollar value of $SSR.

The Reason

The reason for using the oracle is to balance the economy of the game around a fixed dollar value.
There are a limited amount of $SSR tokens that can go around in the economy cycle so increase in player numbers can possibly lead to depletion of all $SSR that are present in the game contract.
By using the oracle, StarShip Royal builds a correlation between active users and the dollar value of $SSR.
The oracle will ensure a stable dollar fee for a battle transaction upon their commit as well as looking for constant dollar value of minting new NFT. Because of it the entry cost to enter the game can be balanced around and staying relatively low to make sure new players can join even if SSR’s dollar value goes up.

How to make money on NFT?

Though players can make money by changing Deuterium for $SSR, by doing it this way the income is relatively low. It is only possible to earn big money by trading NFT. At first players can earn NFT for $SSR or BNB. However, this way players can get only common or rare cards. Ultra-rare cards and higher are obtainable only in the game either by loot or certain actions. At this point the player is confronted with a choice – to use limited cards to increase his own effectivity i.e. Deuterium income increases as well as higher chance of acquiring rarer NFT. Or sell it at the marketplace.
What players are supposed to do when they join the game late and all limited NFT are collected?
Just as game companies release new updates and content for their games we are going to release updates and new NFT for Star Ship Royal.
Any online game sooner or later is going to hit a point when all content is explored and thus to maintain the audience involved developers continually release new content. That way everyone will have the same ground and new players won’t suffer any problems to farm NFT.

The insurance fund

To make sure that we have enough NFT for Deuterium/$SSR pair liquidity from time to time the Star Ship team is going to release limited boxes that players can obtain. Upon opening of these boxes every commander has a chance to acquire rare and unique NFT. This way we raise funds to the insurance fund and give an opportunity to earn money to those who support the project.
There are only 3 sales for an entire 2022 planned.
The current concept isn’t final, the StarShip team is continuing to work at it. Every detail and fair gameplay is a priority for us, just as well as a real earning for active players. P2E is a future for the gaming industry and the Star Ship team will be among the first projects that will popularize this trend.
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