Universe of Starship

In this section, we will tell you more about the Starship universe, talking about each ship and every development detail.


Initially the player starts the game at a forsaken outpost somewhere on the outskirts of the galaxy. Players have a starting ship and a small amount of resources. To buy new ships, upgrades and make any progress the player needs to boost his influence and production capabilities by building stations, colonies and increasing his fleet capacity. The further player advances in the story the more possibilities are opening up to him.


The practical application of the SSR token is described below. Game values, items, and NFT:
• Ships;
• The $SSR token;
• Deuterium;
• Territories;
• Stations;
• Ship upgrades.
• The $SSR token is used to purchase resources and NFT. The following are the things that can be purchased for $SSR tokens;
• Territories - There are two types of territories on which the player can build his infrastructure and gather resources.
1) Asteroid field - it’s an area in outer space where the player can build an infrastructure for resources extraction from astronomical bodies. As a rule, such places have a small area of development, and resources on them are limited. Modules (hangars, factories, mines) are prefabricated and can be transported to other zones.
2) Planetoid – it’s an area with a large development zone, the complexity of development also changes depending on the type of planet. Unlike asteroids, the resources on planetoids are almost unlimited, but you must make upgrades for continuous development, such as: terraforming, development of factories, mines, warehouses.
• Ships are the basis of the gameplay. There are three types of spaceships - combat, cargo, and support. Every ship has a different rarity. NFT tokens are used to make any ownership or transfer deals;
• Stations are areas where the player can place hangars, trade resources or build production to gather them. The player is not limited to the construction of production bases - it is possible to place pirate outposts, medical stations, scientific or even military facilities.
  • Deuterium is a fuel that allows players to fight other players in the arena. The more powerful the ship, the greater the fuel consumption what means less fights the player can fight. There are several ways to acquire deuterium: completing quests, deploying mining complexes, and increasing the storage size.

Ship upgrades

Various special modules, temporary effects, equipment, and weapons.
• Beer to the captain - Before the battle the captain drinks a bottle of intoxicating drink, thereby increasing his courage - the victory chance is increased by 50%. There is also a downside - he forgot to extend the insurance of the ship, what means the opportunity to restore it in case of defeat is lost.
• Reactor overload - A stream of powerful gamma rays that are emitted from your lasers penetrate the enemy ship causing a reactor to overheat, which causes a decrease in maneuverability and weakens the protective field.
  • Deuterium Charge – Additional amount of deuterium is added into the missile charge, which multiplies its damage by a lot. It consumes some amount of deuterium from your stocks.
• Onboard AI - When used in combat it starts to learn, which gives an increase to the maneuverability of the ship.


🚀 Meet our flagship - HMS "ATLANTIS"

Pinnacle of the Royal Navy. This ship was built with only one purpose in mind - to cause enemies feel fear. Even one dreadnought could change the outcome of a battle. In addition to impressive weapons it can hold a significant amount of cargo and up to either 6 fighters or transport aircrafts. Dreadnought is fully autonomous and capable of long-term expeditions due to advanced life support systems and a core based on a dark matter.
Thanks to the built-in AI module "ATLANTIS" does not need a large amount of crew to operate.
Because of the high cost of maintenance and production the royal shipyard produced only 187 ships of this class. You can still find the blueprints of this ship at the black market, but it isn't affordable to everyone.
🔹 Faction: HMS
🔹 Type: Dreadnought
🔹 Manufacturer: Royal Shipyards
◽️ Features:
• Crew - 6
• Hull weight - 350 tons
• Armor - 22,000 units
• Shields - 16 slots (1 GJ, 2 GJ)
• Main Dark Matter Plum Plant
• 2 auxiliary nuclear reactors
◽️ Engine:
• Long range jump engine
• Payload capacity 172 tons
◽️ Armament:
• 2 twin pulse guns
• Main Caliber: 3 phase rail gun
• 16 laser units
• 10 launchers (EMP, EMP, NBC, EMP)
• 22 anti-aircraft launchers
◽️ Modules:
• Life support system (with simulated gravity, oxygen and water regeneration, hydroponic lab)
• 6 multi-purpose hangars
• Wardroom
• Advanced AI
🔹The report is over.

🚀 Battleship - HMS "VANGUARD"

Battleship - HMS "VANGUARD"
True to its name, 10 rapid-fire impulse cannons allow the barrage fire and interception of enemy gun salvos possible, on the other hand the absence of anti-aircraft guns makes it vulnerable to massive torpedo salvos or fighter raids.
At critical moments, the reactor can be overloaded to trigger an EMP pulse thus making it possible to leave a battlefield but that causing a failure of own weapon systems.

🚀 Interceptor - HMS '"SPITFIRE"

The most massive ship of Her Majesty's fleet. Initially it was designed as a fighter. However, after many modifications and improvements, this ship became to be used for various purposes: scout, tactical bombing, interception and diversion.
It doesn't have any impressive weapons or armor, but as part of a fighter wing it can inflict significant amount of damage to even ships like the "Dreadnought" class.
It has a short combat radius, can be used both in an atmosphere and a vacuum. Sadly this ship cannot go on its own into outer space and land on the surface of planets without additional modifications.
👌Thank you for your attention, expect even more exciting news in the near future, and remember - the dev team is striving to make the game that each of us has long dreamed of.

Developer diaries

❗️ We are decided to launch Developer diaries so you can know what the current progress is and what is coming next.
✅ For now:
• balance of ship combat is tuned close to the perfection;
• detail work on the crew and AI ship models;
• basic ships of HMS faction are reworked;
• many various minor things to tune;
• first 10 story mode missions.
📌 Currently in progress:
• Star-base models are being developed;
• NFT market development;
• New website.
🔥 Soon:
• Announcement of a new game faction;
• Real 3D models for our early investors;
• Partnerships with major agencies;
• Whitelist competition;
• Gitbook.
🚀 Have a look at our short demo video of 3D models. 👇